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Term Schedule for Spring 2023/Summer 2023
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All required course books must be purchased by students by the time class begins, unless an E-Book is provided by the college.
Books listed may be updated or changed prior to the beginning of registration, so MBC is not responsible for books purchased before that date. However, if you want your books early, you must register and purchase early. Some books can take 1-2 weeks or longer from booksellers.
Schedule subject to change due to instructor availability, minimum student requirements and other factors.

Schedule of Courses for Spring 2023


BUS2003-328 Bookkeeping and Accounting for Churches and Nonprofits 3 sem. hrs.
BUS5001-318 Management for Churches and Nonprofits 3 sem. hrs.
COM1005-334 Visual Presentation Preparation for Churches and Nonprofits 3 sem. hrs.
COM2101-335 Graphics and Design for Churches and Nonprofits 3 sem. hrs.
LDR7001-308 Issues in Church and Nonprofit Leadership 3 sem. hrs.


ENG1001-321 Written Communications for Christian Scholars I 3 sem. hrs.
ENG5001-323 Academic Writing and Research for Christian Scholars 3 sem. hrs.
ENG7001-307 Advanced Writing and Research 3 sem. hrs.


BIB1002-312 Survey of the New Testament 3 sem. hrs.
BIB1801-349 Genesis 3 sem. hrs.
BIB1901-330 Mark 3 sem. hrs.
BIB2001-343 Teaching the Bible 3 sem. hrs.
BIB3905-354 Acts 3 sem. hrs.
EVA6501-351 Evangelism and Apologetics 3 sem. hrs.
MIN2501-347 Sermon Preparation 3 sem. hrs.
MIN2502-348 Sermon Delivery 3 sem. hrs.
MIN6201-340 Pastoral Ministry 3 sem. hrs.
MIN6801-339 Sermon Preparation and Delivery 3 sem. hrs.
REL6201-327 Spiritual Formation 3 sem. hrs.
THE6001-341 Systematic Theology I 3 sem. hrs.

Science and Mathematics

MAT1001-326 Mathematics for Churches and Nonprofits 3 sem. hrs.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

HIS6001-353 History of the Church to 1517 3 sem. hrs.
Schedule of Courses for Summer 2023

There were no classes assigned for this term as of yet.

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