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  • McDowell Bible College (MBC) is a FREE or very low cost tuition online college with no online fees offering a quality, full-term, diploma producing experience.
  • However, we are not an easy degree mill or a church bible study site. If you are willing to do the hard work you will earn your certificate or diploma - it will not be given to you. Our academic standards are as high as most bible colleges and seminaries and higher than some.
  • Consider MBC like you would any ministry, if you want to help us provide this ministry to train English speaking evangelical students around the world, click on the Donate button at the bottom to help us out.

McDowell Bible College is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His service. As the name implies, we are a bible-oriented college and seminary, and the curriculum is designed for Christian students who do not have major disagreements with our doctrinal statement (listed on the About Us page). They say that nothing is FREE, and they are right. Although we have free or low cost tuition, we demand the same work as any institution of higher learning and some students and alumni appreciate it enough to donate to the college as often they can. Our school was founded to help those who fall into one or more of the following categories:

      • Current or future church or non-profit religious organization employees who wish certification in their fields without taking the time earn a diploma. We offer certificates in Ministry, Biblical Studies, Information Systems Management for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations and Leadership and Administration for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations which require only 12 courses that can be accomplished in about a year to complete the certificate, while still earning college credit towards a future diploma.

      • College students who wish to earn a diploma related to service in churches or religious non-profit organizations. We currently offer two-year or four-year diploma programs in Ministry, Biblical Studies, Information Systems Management for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations and Leadership and Administration for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations.

      • College graduates who wish to earn a graduate diploma related to service in churches or religious non-profit organizations. We currently offer Master of Ministry, Master of Biblical Studies, Master of Information Systems Management for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations and Master of Leadership and Administration for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations..

      • Students who cannot afford the high cost of college or do not want to encumber themselves with a large amount of educational loan debt. Our tuition is currently free or very low cost and yet we provide a quality, full-term education and we are probably the only school that includes a better than state of the art on-line classroom experience for no additional fee. Others charge as much $100 or more per course for online fees alone. There are no fees except the graduation fee which simply pays for the graduation items, banquest and services. If you are unable to attend graduation due to being overseas or approved for some other special need, you can be mailed your diploma and cap and gown after graduation.

      • Students who want a FREE or low cost quality education. We do ask for students who can afford it to donate each term to help us continue this ministery, but otherwise it is indeed free or very low cost. McDowell Bible College is recognized by the National Bible College Association as an accredited educational institution meeting their standards for certification and accreditation. This is not a degree mill. If you are looking for an easy ride, we are not your school. Our academic standards are high and equivalent or exceeding the level of many if not most bible colleges and seminaries with on-line programs. You will be proud of the certificate or diploma you get at McDowell Bible College as it prepares you with the knowledge you need to conduct your ministry. (See About Us page for more information on state licensure exemption and accreditation and to view our certificates.)

Interactive Online Classroom -

We have a proprietary online classroom presentation system that is as user friendly as it is informing. Other on-line colleges and universities have to pass on to students hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense purchasing an external on-line classroom system such Blackboard or another system, charging additional fees up to $100 or more per class. There are no such fees at MBC. McDowell Bible College has our own in-house software and IT staff. Our online classroom experience includes pages where the following activities take place:

      • Classroom Office — The professor will post messages for the class here, so check regularly to get the latest update. This is also where you can interact with the instructor.

      • Class Document Folder — The course syllabus, links to course documents and any course E-books will be posted here.

      • Assignments — This page provides the dated weekly lesson folders for the class, within which you will find links to each lesson’s requirements for that week to include: class lecture(s), quizzes, exams or other class assignments that need to be turned in for that week. MBC has determined that visual lectures, presentations and graphics help you to better understand the material and we place everything you need for the lesson in the folder so that requirements are easy to understand and to access. There is no, "just read the book and take the exam", as in some courses in some schools. We encourage students to contact their instructors or faculty advisor when help is needed.

      • Class Assignments — In this page, you will find folders for each lesson of class, in which you will find links to the lesson requirements, class lectures, instructional videos, and links to quizzes, exams or other class assignments.

      • Gradebook — As your grades become available for quizzes, exams or assignments, they are privately posted here with links to their graded answers and instructor comments.

      • Class Forum — Here is where students and faculty can interact for classroom discussions, make prayer requests and participate in discussion board assignments.

      • MBC Email — You will be given a email student address accessible on the web and with an email client.

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We hope you will join us in the coming year for this program of quality, on-line education that is FREE, demanding, but fair and can be completed by anyone with reasonable effort. We will provide you with the tools you need for your area of study that is supported by in-house programming sometimes better than state of the art. Our tuition is low, so that is why a quality education with McDowell Bible College is not only a good deal, a comparison is almost non-existent. McDowell Bible College is set up on the standard tri-semester system with three full 15-week terms each year, Spring (January-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (September-December). Before one of those term deadlines end, click “Apply” and become a student at MBC and you will never regret it.
Welcome to the Spring 2021 Class!
There are many students from around the world joining us this term and I want to welcome you to MBC. For those who suffered through the last two terms during COVID-19, including two instructors who were hospitalized in the last term, I want to thank you for your perserverance in coming back again this term. We had a number of problems come up and even had to extend the term so that students and faculty could catch up. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help us through this. I wish you all well in the coming term. Work hard and I assure you that you will find the result quite rewarding- all for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless!
Larry McDowell
Dean, McDowell Bible College

McDowell Bible College
An on-line international school that serves English speaking Christian students around the world.
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