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  • We are a low tuition college offering a quality, full-term, diploma producing, fully on-line experience for no additional on-line fees.
  • Registration for the Summer 2019 term begins April 22, so complete your admissions application now it is never too early to apply.
  • Full and partial scholarships, as well as payment plans are available. Click on the Cost page for details.
  • Currently, tuition is only $95 per semester hour or $285 per course, probably the lowest you can find anywhere for a quality higher education.

McDowell Bible College is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His service. As the name implies, we are a bible-oriented college and the curriculum is designed for Christian students who do not have major disagreements with our doctrinal statement (listed on the About Us page). Our school was founded to help those who fall into one or more of the following categories:

      • College students who wish to earn a diploma related to service in churches or religious non-profit organizations. We currently offer two- or four-year diploma programs in Ministry, Worship Ministry, Biblical Studies, Church Administration and Church Media and Computer Sciences. We also offer a Master of Ministry degree. Admissions to the MMin program requires only the completion of any four-year degree as long as it comes from a reputable college. The degree does not have to be related to religion or ministry but does require good English academic writing skills.

      • Current or future church employees who wish certification in their fields without taking the time earn a diploma. We offer certificates in Ministry, Worship Ministry, Biblical Studies, Church Administration and Church Media and Computer Sciences which require only 12 courses that can be accomplished in about a year to complete the certificate, while still earning college credit towards a future diploma.

      • Students who cannot afford the high cost of college or do not want to encumber themselves with a large amount of educational loan debt. Our tuition is the lowest you can find that provides a quality, full-term education and we are probably the only school that includes a better than state of the art on-line classroom experience for no additional fee. Others charge as much $100 or more per course for online fees alone. We offer many scholarships where students pay only half, or sometimes none of their tuition cost. We do not offer government supported loans and grants, but you will not need them. We provide payment plans, as well as partial or full scholarships to those in need so you do not have to be burdened with loan debt or dependent on government grants.

      • Students who want a want a quality education. McDowell Bible College is recognized by the National Bible College Association as an accredited educational institution meeting their standards for certification and accreditation. This is not a degree mill. If you are looking for an easy ride, we are not your school. Our academic standards are high and equivalent or exceeding the level of many if not most colleges and universities with on-line programs. You will be proud of the certificate or diploma you get at McDowell Bible College. (See About Us page for more information on state licensure exemption and accreditation and to view our certificates.)

Interactive Online Classroom -

We have a proprietary online classroom presentation system that is as user friendly as it is informing. Other on-line colleges and universities have to pass on to students hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense purchasing an external on-line classroom system such Blackboard or another system, charging additional fees up to $100 or more per class. There are no such fees at MBC. McDowell Bible College has our own in-house software and IT staff. Our online classroom experience includes pages where the following activities take place:

      • Classroom Office - The instructor will post public notices for the class here and provide contact information where you may privately interact with your instructor.

      • Document Folder - Here is posted links to the course syllabus, course documents and links to other information you may require for the course.

      • Assignments - This page provides the dated weekly lesson folders for the class, within which you will find links to each lesson’s requirements for that week to include: class lecture(s), quizzes, exams or other class assignments that need to be turned in for that week. MBC has determined that visual lectures, presentations and graphics help you to better understand the material and we place everything you need for the lesson in the folder so that requirements are easy to understand and to access.

      • Gradebook - As your grades become available for quizes, exams or assignments, they will be posted here in privacy. Instructors may provide additional comments that are linked to the graded items.

      • Forum - Some lessons will require assigned forum discussions where you will be required to post an answer to a question or response to a subject as assigned by your instructor. You will also be able to, and at times required, to respond to the posts of others in the discussion.

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We hope you will join us in the coming year for this program of quality, on-line education that is demanding, but fair and can be completed by anyone with reasonable effort. We will provide you with the tools you need for your area of study that is supported by in-house programming sometimes better than state of the art. Our tuition is low, so that is why a quality education with McDowell Bible College is not only a good deal, a comparison is almost non-existent. McDowell Bible College is set up on the standard tri-semester system with three full 15-week terms each year, Spring (January-April), Summer (May-August) and Fall (September-December). Before one of those term deadlines end, click “Apply” and become a student at MBC and you will never regret it.
MBC News

Beginning the Summer 2019 term of the 2019-2020 year, MBC will expand the curriculum to create five four-year programs for the existing diplomas and one seminary program, Master of Ministry. These programs will begin appearing on the website and in the 2019-2020 catalog by the end of the Spring 2019 term. This will allow our students in the five programs to advance to a four-year diploma. Graduates of any four-year program from any legitimate college or university will be able to proceed on to graduate studies in Ministry. Henceforth, we will offer four college levels: one-year certificates, two-year programs, four-year programs and a master’s level seminary program. (This is a revision of the 12/17/2018 & 01/21/2019 posts.)

We have upgraded the academic departments to the level of schools beginning Summer 2019 Term when we begin offering a seminary graduate program:
Curtis Rush School of Religion and Seminary
The religion department will advance to seminary level, encompassing all religion, theology and bible study courses for both graduate and undergraduate levels. Curtis Rush was pastor of several churches in Northeast Alabama, spending over two decades in one of the churches. His pastoral career spanned 60 years and much of his ministry was spent in rural and small town churches. He was a great preacher and and even greater pastor to his congregations, exhibiting the patience of Job. His knowledge of rural and small-town pastoring is portrayed in his book, A One Gallus Country Preacher. We are honored to name our seminary after a man who epitomized what it is to be a pastor.
Penny School of Business
The business department becomes a school providing courses in leadership, management, administration, accounting and information technology. It is named after James Cash Penny, who purchased the Golden Rule dry-coods stores near the beginning of the last century and turned them into a chain of department stores named after himself that spread nationally. He gave much of his money to charity, to the point of tithing 90% near the end of his life. He is a great example for all Christian businessmen.
Richard Koster School of Humanities
The humanities department will become a school eventually providing courses in humanities, art, Christian philosophy, music, literature, languages, and English writing and linquistics. Richard Dick Koster was a professor at Florida State University in the Panama Canal Zone who taught writing, literature and humanities. A graduate of Yale, he wrote several novels which received national attention both in the U. S. and Panama for its political satire. He was active in politics in Panama and the U.S., several times being appointed delegate from the Panama Canal Zone to the Democratic convention. His political motive was that he was a believer in the principle of Christian charity to the poor and those in need. He was also a self-styled atheist, who nevertheless expounded on the bible as a great work of literature and was constantly encouraging students to read the bible as well as other works of Christian literature. He was quite fond of renaissance religious art. He is a prime example of how God can work through anyone, even an atheist.
Tie Jiang Tan School of Science and Mathematics
It will provide survey courses in science and mathematics from a Christian perspective. Tie Jiang Tan excelled in mathematics and was a Chinese chemical engineer who worked with plastics, also inventing pigments and inks that would print well on plastics. He passed down secret formulas for laundry detergent, spot cleaners and dish washing soap to his daughter, also a chemical engineer, who started a small company. His daughter became a Christian who later emigrated to the U.S. after marrying an American minister. She is now a director, as well as instructor of science and math courses at MBC.
Eusebius School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
This school will eventually provide courses on history, geography, counseling, psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology and archeology. Eusebius was a Greek known as the Father of Church History. He was a bible scholar, exegete and Christian polemicist. He became the bishop of Caesarea Maritima about 314 AD. Together with Pamphilus, he was a scholar of the Biblical canon and is regarded as one of the most learned Christians of his time. (This is a revision of the 12/17/2018 post.)

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